BioSys BMDT-06 Foam


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The Bio-Sys microbial drain and baseboard cleaners, BMDT-06 is designed to consume the oil, grease and sugars found in the drain lines and grease traps of restaurants and bars in the food services industry. This cleaning action helps eliminate the food source in drains, and baseboards, areas that traditionally have been difficult to treat effectively and serve as hatching areas for pests such as cockroaches and fruit flies. Eliminating these food sources can also serve to reduce other insect infestations. The product is made up of a unique combination of non-harmful biodegradable cleansers and laboratory colonized, non-harmful, USDA certified microbes. This product is applied with the bio-Sys portable pump-up foamer. This rich, long lasting foam coats baseboards and flows down the drains where the microbial solution coats the area and helps digest greasy deposits, converting them into safe compounds such as carbon dioxide and water. This Bio-Sys product is designed to replace costly and dangerous pesticides and other caustic cleaning compounds.'The Microbes are In There!', assures you and your customers of the highest quality, most effective microbial products on the market.

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