B&G 1154 Long Reach Dust-R

Mfg Part #:
B&G Long Reach Dust-r Part 1153-g (24050000) is a duster that is great for getting to those hard to reach places. Capable of holding 2 quarts of dust, you can get all of your applications done in one shot. Ideal for treating attics and crawl spaces, B&G Long Reach Dust-r Part 1153-g (24050000) has three 14" extensions. The extension also adds a static charge to the dust, making it stay where you apply it, assuring maximum effectiveness of the pest control chemical you are using. Also great for treating wasp nests.
  • Chamber holds 3 lbs of dust or granules
  • 3-14" extensions
  • Extension adds staic charge to the dust
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