B&G AccuSpray

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This compact sprayer is suitable for routine service of commercial and residential accounts, or as a follow-up behind standard spraying. After filling your B&G tank sprayer, add 16 oz. to the AccuSpray and you can service any account from your tank or from the AccuSpray. The crack-and-crevice straw and/or atomizing spray can be used to treat for a variety of household pests, including cockroaches in a kitchen, and bed bugs in a box spring or along the seams of a mattress. This small sprayer comes with a carry pouch that attaches to your belt, and the valve clips to the pouch for added convenience. The AccuSpray is perfect for an IPM approach for Pest Control

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Fits Flox 10, Iris 15, Rec 15, and Senior 20 Sprayers.
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