Demand G Insecticide (25-lb. bag)

Advancing granular perimeter pest control.
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Formulated to set a new standard for granular pest control with active release technology

Demand® G insecticide with active release technology is formulated differently than any other granule to make the active ingredient, lambda-cyhalothrin, more readily available to a wide variety of targeted pests.

Key Features
  • Engineered with an unique solvent for the optimal release of its active ingredient from the granule
  • The first granule with the same superior active ingredient as Demand CS with iCAP™ technology
  • Labeled for lawn, landscape and perimeter use to control nearly 30 pests, including several species of ants
Key Benefits
  • Advanced formulation technology helps to promote the movement of the active ingredient from the granule, enhancing the insecticide release across a larger treated surface for better performance
  • Superior efficiency provides more treatments per package than traditional granules, reducing the number of bags you handle
  • Provides powerful protection against a broader range of pests in residential, commercial and institutional environments so you can focus on growing your business
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