Bait Block Apple Flavor Rodenticide (144 x 1-oz. pail)

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JT Eaton 719-AP bait block Apple Flavor rodenticide is a first generation anticoagulant that will effectively attract and eliminate rodents and other small pests that have become too comfortable in your garage and Basement. These bait blocks use a palatable Apple flavoring to attract small rodents. For efficient elimination, the bait block formula contains the active ingredient diphacinone (0.005-Percent) which eradicates pests just a few days after feeding. This 9-pound Pail of rodenticide includes 72 packs of 2-Ounce blocks in a tamper-evident, resalable Pail that fits in most standard sized Truck tool boxes.

  • Effectively attracts and eliminates small rodents and pests
  • Contains active ingredient diphacinone (0.005-Percent)
  • Fits in most bait stations
  • 72 packs of 2-ounce bait blocks
  • Comes in a resalable 9-pound pail
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