Krittersense Remote Monitoring System - Gateway (1 count)

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Remotely monitor your traps with ease! Whether you own a pest control or wildlife control company, KritterSense's variety of attachments makes checking traps and bait stations quick and easy - increasing your efficiency and saving you time.

How It Works

  • On-board motion sensor determines where the pest activity is taking place.
  • Sure-fire trigger system monitors the trap's state, and the motion sensor notifies of you of trap activity.
  • Trap activity data is received by the KritterSense Gateway (hub) and sent to the KritterSense Console (online portal).
  • Notifications are received on your digital device, allowing you to take action when, and where, needed.
  • Useful reports containing key capture data are generated including: a number of devices, success rates, the location of the animal trapped, the time the animal was trapped, bait data, and more!
Trap Diversity
  • With our attachments, the same sensor works on all your snap traps, cage traps, multi-rodent traps, and bait stations.
Long Battery Life
  • Up to 3+ year battery life on one 9v battery.
Weather-sealed Enclosure
  • The sturdy, sealed shell that keeps the electronics safe from the abuse of pests, wet crawl spaces, and the outside elements.
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