Magnetic Roach Bait

Irresistible taste.
440-162-0, 440-162-1, 440-162-2, 440-162-3

For the last 25 years, the formula for Magnetic Roach Bait has been constantly refined and made with the highest quality food grade ingredients to give cockroaches a taste that is irresistible. With 25 years of efficacy, 25 years of attractiveness and 25 years with roaches developing no resistance, Magnetic Roach Bait is an economically priced, quality addition to your cockroach protocol.

  • Apply as a crack and crevice treatment in commercial food areas.
  • Can be applied as a paste to larger areas, excluding commercial food areas.
  • The TrueTechâ„¢ True Blue bait gun is specially made to apply Magnetic Roach Bait in tubes for spot and crack & crevice treatments.
  • Highly effective with years of efficacy behind it.
  • No known resistance
  • For residential and commercial use
    - Including in and around homes as well as commercial, industrial, institutional, food and feed handling establishments
    - For years, this bait has been the standard roach treatment in many public housing projects throughout the country.
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