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DeTour For Rodents And Insects , previously known as DeTour For Rodents Bio-repellent is the first Fifra EPA 25b exempt contact bio-repellent for rodents that acts as a contact irritant. Once rats and mice come into contact with DeTour, they will do everything they can to exit the structure. The bio-repellent irritates them but does not harm them. When used strategically, DeTour for Rodents can literally create a barrier around structures, barns, feed lots or other sensitive areas where nuisance rodents need to be kept away. DeTour can be used in interior and exterior rodent management programs, for cleanouts, maintenance and preventative programs. DeTour For Rodents And Insects is a triple threat with three modes of action. It seals holes, cracks and crevices, removing rodents and insect harborages. Detour for Rodents and Insects uses natural chilis and food grade gels. These are the same natural chilis the hot sauce industry uses to add the heat in their hot sauces. It is made in the USA and they follow the NSF protocol for food safety. This product creates a barrier sealant that repels rodents and insects, allowing a barrier so that they will not cross over due to the hot chili pepper oil. DeTour for Rodents and Insects contains Capsaicin (Chilis) food grade gels and is NSF Certified approved for use in kitchens, restaurants, food distribution facilities and food processing plants. When rodents come in contact with the Detour by stepping into the gel, it stays on their feet, and they will carry it back to their nesting sites and infect the other rodents. This forces them from their living and hiding areas and will leave the structure entirely.

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