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PiGNX Bio-Repellent Products utilize Capsaicin (Hot Peppers) as the active ingredient. Capsaicin works by irritating nerve-endings. Imagine the irritation one feels by eating hot chili peppers or by rubbing these peppers on the skin. This is the same effect birds and animals feel when they encounter the Bio-Repellent products. Capsaicin has been proven to repel thousands of pests for hundreds of years. PiGNX has finally developed the unique delivery system to make the Capsaicin Effective, Safe, Long-Lasting , Easy to Apply and Easy to Clean. Bio-Repellent products must be applied in at least a ½ inch thick bead. Applications differ with the target pest but, with every pest, it is always best to apply a thick bead to ensure the target pest comes in contact with enough product to stick to it. The other reason for this thick application is, with heavy infestations, the product can be carried away on the pest. Please read application instruction for each individual product. What are Bio-Repellents? Bio-Repellents are a revolutionary new method of controlling pests that use New Technology Food-Grade ingredients along with old-world active ingredients to repel pests, rather than harming them.

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