Power Planter Auger - 2 in x 24 in.

Ideal for 2" Termite bait stations.
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With Our Tree Auger & Planting Tool, you can dig holes for bare-root trees and saplings quickly and without bending. The rugged, durable design allows you to power through rocky, sandy soils as well as harder clay soil. Adding a heavy-duty tip made from military-grade abrasion-resistant material gives you even more durability. This tree planting tool is also perfect for installing termite bait stations, deep-feeding and aerating trees or shrubs, and planting grass plugs and 4- or 6-pack annuals.

  • Made in the USA
  • Painted glossy black enamel
  • Fits multiple drill chuck sizes – choose between 3/8-inch OR 1/2-inch non-slip hex drive
  • Minimum voltage recommendation = 18V -20V cordless drill. Electric drill with side handle preferred for safety.
  • Rugged, 5/8-inch 100% steel shaft with 18 inches of 10-gauge flighting
  • 2 inches in diameter
  • Digs holes 23 - 47 inches deep – choose your length
  • Option to add Heavy Duty Tip (made from military-grade abrasion resistant material)
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