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Unilux 3000 Steamer

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The Unilux 3000 is a commercial/home dry steam cleaner that offers the highest temperatures and pressure of portable steam cleaners on the market. The UL listing and additional certifications make the Unilux 3000 one of the only dry steam vapor cleaners in the US to meet the guidelines set for governmental agencies. This powerful tool eliminates the chemical toxins and the residues commonly left behind by other cleaners. Cleaning power at 72+ psi and sanitizing heat at 311 degrees. Restore dirty tile and grout, degrease all kitchens, appliances and floors. Make window sparkle and reach high items with the long wand. Destroy germs, viruses and dust mites. Hardwood Floors become instantly clean with this fantastic product. This product stands far above any comparable model on the market.

Comes with: 2-extension wands for medium heights to floor cleaning, flexible 8 ft. hose with lock safety trigger, accessory adapter, detail nozzle, stainless detail brush, brass detail brush, nylon detail brush, triangle brush, large floor cleaning cloth, large floor brush with clips, window squeegee, 2-stainless steel scrubbies & 16x16 microfiber towel.

  • Cylindrical Stainless Steel Boiler Heavy Commercial 18/10 AISI 304
  • No cold spots - Efficient steam production
  • 3 Qt - 315 F. Boiler Temp.
  • Insertable Heating Element
  • UL Listed file # E219367
  • 1500 watts
  • 0-72 PSI - Detachable Hose
  • Pressure Gauge - Steam Ready light
  • Safety Handle - 9 Ft. Hose - Fingertip control
  • Lightweight 17 lbs. - 23lbs full
  • Circuit relays to extend life of your product
  • Low water indicator
  • 1-3 hours cleaning time
  • External reset switch as well as an internal reset that act as a safety backup system.
  • Easily drain and clean boiler at any time with simple drain at the base of the machine.
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty including parts & labor - Lifetime Boiler - Heating Element
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