Brigand WB Wax Block Rodenticide (18-lb. pail)


Brigand WB, a ready-to-use cast wax block formulated for maximum palatability and moisture resistance. 

Manufactured using food grade wheat flour, blended with chopped wheat, oats and milk protein, and held together with edible waxes, Brigand wax blocks offer an  exceptional all-round product, ideal for use in many situations.

The unique chocolate aroma of Brigand wax blocks is palatable to both rats and mice and ideal for use in those areas where moisture, mold and heat can be continous issues for bait.

The properties of Brigand WB keep the block stable for days, even when submerged in water, whereas the extruded block formulation is effected almost immediately, dye's are being washed out within hours and bacterial/fungal growth can be seen within 24 hours. When dry, Brigand WB is still at its best while the extruded block is soured, unpalatable and breaking apart.

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