BurrowRx Hose Cradle Handle with 24 ft. Hose

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The Hose Cradle Handle offers an optimal way to carry, manage and store an extra hose. In the past, BurrowRx’s 24-foot hose extensions allowed PMPs to extend their reach on jobs. However, customers found that when they had jobs along hillsides, or others areas that required carrying the hose and unit certain distances, they needed an accessory to keep the hose organized, secure and compact while moving it.

The accessory is sold with or without a 24-foot hose section. PMPs can simply attach their 24-foot hose to the existing 3-foot section found on the BurrowRx’s manifold. The new cradle handle installs easily and has a durable clip that allows users to conveniently transport the unit and hose around a variety of surface types. With the cradle handle, the hose won’t tangle or drag, eliminating tripping hazards and making the hose easy to manipulate and use. This adds to a technician’s professionalism, as he or she doesn’t need to awkwardly carry a long line of hose in a customer’s view.

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