Colorado Tri-Flo Systems

Eradi-Flo 10000

Commercial-Grade Heater with More Than Enough Power
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Eradi-Flo 1400

The Ultimate Electric Bed Bug Heater for Numerous Applications
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Eradi-Flo 1800

Get the Job Done with This 1,800 Watt Industrial Electric Bed Bug Heater
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Eradi-Flo 5000

A Commercial Grade Electric Bed Bug Heater Capable of Getting Any Job Done
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Tri-Flo 120 20 Amp

Did you bring back an unwanted guest on your recent travels?
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Tri-Flo 325 15 Amp

Easily Kills Bed Bugs in An Average-Sized Hotel Room or Larger Bedroom
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Tri-Flo 325 20 Amp

Eliminate Pests for Good with Our Tri-Flo 325 20 Amp Electric Bed Bug Heaters
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Tri-Flo 325 30 Amp

This Package Contains the Best Commercial Bed Bug Heaters Around
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Tri-Flo 500 Combo

Searching for Bed Bug Heaters for Commercial Use? Get This Package Today
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Tri-Flo Professional Grade Starter Kit

Ideal for pest control companies, restoration and cleaning companies, and rental centers looking to improve their bottom line.
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