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Hex-Pro Termite Station Fg

Hex-Pro Termite Station Fg

Permethrin SFR

From $37.34

Phantom Termiticide

A remarkable termite control product, employing the world's most advanced termite pest control technology.
From $101.03

Prelude Termiticide

From $46.00

Premise 75 WP

High-performance, non-repellent termiticide.
From $743.89

Premise Granules

Only non-repellent termiticide in granule formulation.
From $26.30

Premise Pre-Construction

The original non-repellent termiticide.
From $273.77

Premise Pro

Pre-construction treatment against subterranean termites.
From $341.82


From $79.00

Pyrofos CS

Talstar Professional

Dependable insect control designed with pros in mind.
From $40.00

Taurus Dry PDS Starter Kit

From $199.00

Taurus Dry Termiticide

Dry Flowable Termiticide
From $101.00

Taurus SC

From $46.38

Tengard SFR Insecticide

From $107.88

Termidor 80 WG Termiticide/Insecticide (6 x 4 x 2.61-oz. bucket)

For effective prevention and/or control of subterranean termites — plus.

Termidor HE

The most effective termiticide is now the most efficient
From $192.76

Termidor HP

Termidor HP II (2 x 1 gal. bottle)

Treat today like tomorrow. Revolutionary innovation.

Termidor SC

Perimeter Pest Control
From $82.50

Termidor Sc (4X20oz) Ny Case

Termidor Sc (4X20oz) Ny Case

Transport Termiticide

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