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CHA1000 Metered Dispenser

From $27.93

DPI E-Z Access Crawlspace Door - Standard

From $89.09

Edge Flykiller

Developed to be the most effective glueboard flykiller on the market.
From $215.39

Flies-No-More Solar Trap

From $27.74

Flypod Decorative Flykiller

Incorporates several unique features to provide commercial effectiveness and domestic serviceability.

Flytrap Professional Flykiller

Designed to be the most effective professional unit on the market.
From $163.17

Gardner Handi-Foamer

50 oz. easy pump, handy foamer

Gardner PC Foamer Plus


Gilbert 1999GT Flying Venus

From $198.00

Gilbert 2000GT Flying Venus

From $198.00

Gilbert 2002GT Flying Venus

From $198.00

Gilbert 2012GT Flying Venus

From $167.65

Gilbert 219GT Sticky Tiger

Highly Effective Wall-Mount
From $202.94

Gilbert 225GT Sticky Fox

From $272.00

Gilbert 601D Sticky Don

From $390.00

Gilbert 601GT Sticky Lizard

From $244.00

Gilbert 601T The Don

From $390.00

Gilbert 601TJ Junior

From $352.00

Gilbert 705 Night Hawk

From $522.00

Gilbert 711 Flying Lion

From $440.00

Gilbert 747GT Sticky Bear

From $348.00

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